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July 12th, 2010

01:41 pm
Alright guys!

I would like to announce that next week at San Diego ComiCon I will be releasing Daily Monsters Vol.1 in a print form! This 96 page collection will take you through the 50 monsters from the first series as well as 20 bonus monsters only seen in this book! That's 70 monsters! The sketchbook is limited to an edition of 100 and will come with it's own unique monster sketch on the inside with every purchase. I have also gone through and inked all 70 monsters for clarity reasons, so expect a lot of unseen material as well as an intro from the amazing Tyler Stout!

The book is selling for $15 dollars at the Con and will be available online in late July/early August. I will be located at booth #233 with Satellite Soda in the exhibition hall. Once the edition of 100 is gone, that is IT. NO REPRINTS. I will also be giving away original monsters with every 5th book sold!

Here is the cover for your viewing pleasure!

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July 4th, 2010

09:09 pm
So it's been quite some time but I assure you it has not been time wasted!

I have just begun working on Volume 2 of my Daily Monster series. Shane Long lent his tremendous talents and worked up a sweet ass logo for me. Check out the redesign of the blog here. I hope to continue Volume 2 for the next 50 days or so, so keep you eyes out!

I have also been working with my new found family, Satellite Soda on some awesome projects that will debut this summer at ComiCon. Here are some excepts from these upcoming books.

Colors by the amazing Py!

Current Mood: awake

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October 6th, 2009

02:21 am

You can view the hi-res file here http://www.shanehillman.com/halloweenhires.jpg
Current Mood: accomplished

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June 26th, 2009

12:22 am - THE SWORD
hey guys,

here is a new poster i just did for free press summerfest, a houston based festival coming this august. i did the band 'the sword' just because i felt like drawing some demonic shit with a pop color template. i hope you dig! i should have a small edition of these available in the near future...

as always with my work, some process picturesss!

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May 6th, 2009

12:31 am
the kings of leon poster has just gone on sale via my site.



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May 1st, 2009

09:00 pm
been a while guys, but finally i have some finished pieces to show and some good/bad news.

im sad to say that the underwhere series is on indefinite hiatus until further notice due to the economy. it WILL be back, i just dont know when. since then, ive been doing freelance and working a day job as a quality assurance tester for pi studios. im pretty happy right now, but i dunno how long the job will last since its contract. hopefully ill get signed on permanently, but we'll see.

anyways, some good news!

i've been busting ass doing gigposters this year. my goal this year is to have a nice portfolio of screenprinted posters for flatstock '10. i'm also supporting local bands as well, since houston always needs more local support.

anyways, here's the main one i did for kings of leon. this will be a 3-color screen print on white paper with a few SECRET variants. they will be going on sale in less than a week, so stay tuned if you would like one. i'll be offering some pretty cool deals with these guys.

and here are two ones that i did for a local band, wild moccasins. these wont be screen printed but you can look at em anyways.

i'm off for the weekend, after that its WORK WORK WORK.
Current Mood: busy
Current Music: between the buired and me

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February 3rd, 2009

12:06 pm
i've recently started a blog called DAILY MONSTERS. expect a new monster every day for i dunno how long. if any of you have any suggestions, let me know and i'll try to fit them in.

i started this blog to help me warm up for the day and also get some maximum creative juices flowing. it really helps get prepared when i start working on books. great therapy!

here are the first three, check out the blog HERE again to view the rest. add me if you have a blogger as well!

Current Music: animal collective

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January 8th, 2009

01:48 pm
it's been a while, hasn't it?

anyways, 2008 is over and 2009 has just begun. personally, i'm very excited to start this new year. 2008 was... a tad disappointing.

anyways, enough with the gloom! here is my annual list of the best of...

BEST MOVIE OF 2008 :: the dark knight
runners up:: iron man, kung-fu panda, let the right one in, the mist

BEST MUSIC OF 2008 :: genghis tron - board up the house
runners up:: M83, fear before the march of flames, these arms are snakes

BEST GAME OF 2008 :: metal gear solid 4
runners up:: fallout 3, GTA4, left 4 dead

BEST COMIC OF 2008 :: battle angel alita
runners up:: nothing really... :/

and that's pretty much it for this year. games were pretty darn solid, too bad the same can't be said for comics...

anyways, i finished the fourth book mid-december, and finally got around to doing a robocop munny. here's the process of this 40 hour job.

Current Mood: productive
Current Music: pet sounds lp

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November 24th, 2008

11:35 am
been a while since ive made a post here.

its been quite a crazy fall. hurricane ike really messed things up for everyone here, including my girlfriend who lost a house in the case. definitely not the fall i was hoping for.

anyways, enough drama, i've been busting booty(PUN!) on the upcoming 4th underwhere book and it's shaping up pretty well! its curious to see where my style is going now, it really feels like i have no control, as if it is its own beast. anyways, i hope to do a bunch of shorts in between books so i can drop more personal work. so hopefully i'll have something to drop by the new year.

here is a piece i did for a horror/sci fi charity auction in september. it based on "they live", one of the best carpenter flicks.

Current Music: of montreal

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August 2nd, 2008

03:02 pm
earlier this year, rob schrab finish the long awaited finale of scud the disposable assassin. to celebrate the 10 YEAR wait, he has also issued the entire series into a giant omnibus featuring all 24 issues, pin-ups and the one-shot, drywall unzipped.

i urge you to pick this up. you can find the omnibus at almost any comic retailer as well as barnes and noble. the low price of $30 bucks is bargain for the insane amount of creative artwork within. you can always buy it off amazon.

now, this series has been a personal pinnacle of ambition for me. this book is what DROVE me to become a comic artist with an overactive animation who breaks any rules. scud has been my fuel for the past 10 years and now i have to put the series to rest. to celebrate, i did a massive pin-up and poured my all into it.

its done.

Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: the faint

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